The functions – diverse, but above all simple!

The Onkobutler is a free app that accompanies people with cancer through treatment. The app is easy to use, self-explanatory and requires no special computer skills. Discover all information about the functions here.

Graphical summaries with a single tap

The history feature allows patients to see an overview of the information they’ve entered as a graph. This makes evaluating the treatment plan a breeze.

  • visual display of complaints
  • overview of all symptoms
  • simple monitoring of therapy progression

Tracking health status

The Onkobutler enables patients to swiftly and systematically document important health information in the app. This ensures that information on everyday wellbeing is available for treatment planning. Inputting information is deliberately kept simple. Users with little experience can easily use it without any training. The scope of information can be tailored to suit the patient’s specific needs and wishes.

A screenshot displaying the health status tracking in the Onkobutler app
  • daily current health data
  • indicate basic vital signs
  • symptom tracking
  • note function with free text field

Summary of information for doctors and treatment teams

Patients can forward a clear and informative summary of their data from the Onkobutler to the treatment team via encrypted email. This facilitates seamless monitoring,

allowing doctors to promptly document their patients’ health status between appointments, adjust treatment plans accordingly, and address specific concerns during scheduled consultations.

Very straightforward and secure. Patients take an active role in supporting their treatment.

Medication reminder

Navigating complex administration instructions for various drugs can complicate treatment. However, the Onkobutler offers a practical solution: patients can conveniently store their medication and dosage instructions. With its straightforward reminder function, the Onkobutler ensures users are reliably reminded to take their medication, providing a sense of relief and enhanced safety.

  • multiple medications can be entered
  • details of duration, time and quantity
  • practical reminder function
  • all medications at a glance

Never miss a dose again – the Onkobutler ensures every medication is accounted for, providing reliable reminders.

Emergency contacts

The Onkobutler collects emergency contacts into a central location for easy access. In case of emergency, essential contacts are just a click away, providing added safety during treatment.

Screenshot showing input of emergency contacts in Onkobutler
  • attending doctors
  • close relatives
  • friends
  • emergency numbers

Download Onkobutler now and take advantage of its benefits: