Onkobutler: Everything in my hands

An app is a digital application for use on a mobile phone or tablet. The Onkobutler is one such app that patients with cancer can install on their mobile phones to support their treatment team. The cancer app assists patients in continuously documenting how they are feeling.

At the push of a button, the Onkobutler uses these data to create informative reports that users can share with the treatment team. In doing so, they actively contribute and provide their treatment teams with a valuable data foundation for individualised therapy planning.

All data remains in the hands of the patient at all times. Using the app is incredibly straightforward and requires no special computer knowledge.

  • digital: With the Onkobutler, patients can quickly and effortlessly gather crucial progress data, providing the treatment team with a foundation for individually tailored therapy.
  • simple: Download the app and start using it instantly. Patients are guided through the application step by step. If you can use WhatsApp, you will find the Onkobutler just as accessible.
  • free of charge: There are no costs involved – either for users or for treating doctors.
  • informative: Check out our video showcasing it.
Home screen of the Onkobutler cancer app

The Onkobutler is available for Android and iOS. Download it directly here and experience firsthand how simple and useful it is.

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The functions

With three central functions, the Onkobutler lays the groundwork for greater individualisation in treatment planning:

1. Record your course of treatment effortlessly

The cancer app quickly and conveniently queries all relevant parameters regarding the course of treatment and securely stores the information.

2. Share data with the treatment team with just a tap.

By simply pressing a button, the information is converted into a useful report to be sent to the treatment team.

3. Receive reminders to take your tablets.

The app reliability reminds you to take the correct dosage. This ensures that medication is taken without errors.

Please note the following: The Onkobutler supports the treatment team with important additional information to tailor the therapy to each individual. The cancer app cannot replace an individual medical assessment. If in doubt, always seek the assessment of the treatment team.

Supporting the treatment team

Throughout their treatment, patients collect important progress information, which can be shared with their treatment teams through a concise report generated from this data. The report provides a quick overview of the treatment progress, allowing for personalised therapy planning.

The reports are typically emailed to the treatment team ahead of the consultation. The timing of data transmission can be coordinated between the treatment team and the patient.

How do you start using the app?

Once you have downloaded and installed Onkobutler, a guide will lead you through the application in a few simple steps and demonstrate how to gather data:

Infographic on setting up the Onkobutler app


Patients have full control over their data at all times and can use the cancer app completely anonymously!

Health data is sensitive and therefore deserves particular protection. Data protection and safety are therefore particularly important. The application operates in compliance with the strictest safety standards and is developed and managed in alignment with the data protection laws of Germany. The app undergoes regular updates.

Access to the data is restricted to patients only.

The decision on which data to collect and the timing of report delivery is left to the patients.

All health data is gathered in an anonymous manner, comprehensively protected according to German law, and stored on servers within the EU.