Dedicated project partners – the team behind the app

When implementing visions, two factors are particularly crucial: teamwork and commitment. Oncologists use their practical knowledge to offer user-friendly digital therapy support tailored to the needs of patients and their treatment teams. Software engineers and designers are responsible for the successful implementation of the app. AMGEN, as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, contributes to the planning and implementation of the Onkobutler.

Dr. med. Michael Wöhr

Initiator of the Onkobutler – from practice for practice

Foto von Dr. med. Michael Wöhr.

Dr Wöhr has been practising at the Schorndorf oncology clinic near Stuttgart since 2003. It is crucial for oncologists to help patients achieve their best possible outcomes. Why not tap into the opportunities of digital media to support treatments? To bring this vision to fruition, he initiated the Onkobutler project.

Experts in cancer treatment

Technical project partners

As specialists in cancer treatment, we understand the critical aspects of everyday practice. We are familiar with the needs of our patients. We guide them through treatments every day. And often, we desire additional and more precise information, particularly regarding their wellbeing at home. That’s why we are dedicated to this project, striving to make Onkobutler an easy-to-use, practical, and invaluable app.

Dr med. Steffi Busch / Mühlhausen (Thuringia)
Specialist physician in gynaecology and obstetrics, gynaecological oncology and palliative medicine

Dr med. Jochen Heymanns / Koblenz
Specialist physician in internal medicine, specialisation: haematology and oncology, drug tumour therapy and palliative medicine

Prof. Dr med. Frank König / Berlin
Specialist physician in urology & andrology

Dr med. Jörn Kohnke / Remscheid
Specialist physician in internal medicine and drug tumour therapy

Dr med. Jana Sengpiel / Essen
Internist with a specialisation in haematology and internal oncology

Dr med. Jan Wierecky / Hamburg
Specialist physician in internal medicine, specialisation: haematology and internal oncology, subspecialty in palliative medicine


Teamwork for patients

Logo von AMGEN.

AMGEN specialises in pharmaceutical production and recognises that optimal treatment structures contribute to the success of therapies. To help leverage digital opportunities and unlock the potential of the Onkobutler, AMGEN supports project development. AMGEN’s involvement is limited to project development and does not extend to influencing the content.


Expert implementation of digital strategies and innovative technologies in the healthcare sector

Logo von SIXOWLS.

SIXOWLS GmbH, a technology provider specialising in app development within the health sector, oversees the implementation of the app. Close collaboration with oncologists ensures a practice-oriented implementation aligned with the vision of harnessing digital opportunities for treatment.

Der Onkobutler ist für Android und iOS verfügbar. Laden Sie sich die App einfach hier direkt herunter: